Web Design:

Our ‘all-inclusive’ web design services ensure you leave all the hard work to us – your contribution reducing to merely providing approvals of the vast choices we present you with!

Here’s what we do for you

We understand your product or service, get a ‘feel’ of your audience, and then present you with designs that suit your need. Once we have prima facie approval from you, we design wireframes of how the entire website would appear. In parallel, we work with you to flesh out the content – the style, tonality and the message. And before you know it, you have an attractive, professional website that speaks volumes of your business!

What you can expect from us:

• Customized, attractive content & design
• Professionalism – in design & support
•Updated technology for a world-class, responsive experience
• WordPress/Joomla development & deployment for large-scale sites
• E-commerce integration for online business

Our web services at a glance:

• Domain registration
• Web hosting
• Website development
• Content development
• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
• Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Web Development:

When you need more than a website, you need us. That’s because we can make the web do wonderful things for you, and not just display information. We at Websoft create web portals that cater to large volumes of business – right from classifying your products and services, to handling shopping carts and e-payments.

So, if you have a huge list of products and services, or information that changes frequently, we deploy attractively designed, intuitive portals for you to easily host dynamic content. Our integrated e-commerce and shopping cart solutions make online business a breeze.

Benefits of availing our web development services includes:

  • Robust back-end development on established platforms
  • Attractive, customized designs at the front-end
  • Built on superior, open-source technologies like Wordpress and Joomla
  • Structured, documented development process
  • Device and platform agnostic web portals

Software Services:

Websoft Techno provides a complete range of customized software development services, across various platforms and technologies. We are well-versed with organizational requirements like ERP and CRM, and offer bespoke solutions to corporates and professionals to improve productivity.

Our latest product, a clinic management software, has been successfully deployed with a renowned doctor recently. The software tracks all activities from the moment a patient enters the clinic – from registration, to listing visit details, displaying medical history and case studies, and keeping record of all prescribed medication.Usability is a guiding principle for our custom-built software, ensuring that the final product is intuitive and has a shallow learning curve. We develop software for both terminal installation and cloud-based deployment.

Specifically, our workflow includes:

  • Requirement analysis
  • Scalability analysis
  • Software architecture
  • Software development
  • Blackbox/whitebox testing for functionality and usability
  • Quality analysis
  • Deployment environment testing
  • Final deployment

Brand Communications:

To create a strong impact in the market, every organization needs strong brand value. While you focus on quality and customer satisfaction, brand messaging and market perception play a major role in shaping the destiny of your brand. Our brand communication services ensure that the apt message is conveyed to your customer base – be it through attractive and meaningful logo design, or creative messaging. Trust us to design your collateral for your product or service, or effective explainer videos that speak volumes of what you are.

Our branding services include designing & creation of:

• Logos
• Brochures
• POP and Marketing collateral
• Communication material
• Explainer videos

Having spent years with some of the biggest brands in the country, our designers have the skills, expertise, and knowledge of consumer behavior to ensure that your branding gets maximum mileage and defines your organization’s values to your customers.

About WebSoft

Websoft Techno is involved in creating websites, portals, and software that work. They work for you, fulfilling your need and going beyond.

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